gopro at the Gym – Girl boobs edition

We’ve seen the GoPro camera used in many things over the last few years – but this is something else!

Love bringing your GoPro everywhere but hate forgetting it places? A young lady who simply goes by the name of Go-Pro-positioned-so-you-can-see-my-boob­s-while-I-workout has thought of a brilliant solution:

to use Gopro at the gym, while you works out.

Not the usual way, mind you: in order not to lose sight of it ever again, she pointed it at her face…and boobs!
The result is both captivating and a little creepy – but in a very sexy way…

We’re not complaining too much though. Ho, and stay out until the end, there’s a surprise for you there!

Edit: the video, surely the result of Thefappening event, have been removed. Fear not though, here some photographic reminders.

gopro at the gym - boobs