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One of our bigger pet peeves with the new GoPro Hero4, is that despite being packed with the great Ambarella 4A chip ( see our first review of the GoPro Hero4 ), the camera has not been used to its fullest.

Most importantly:

- video shooting at 720p quality and 240frames per seconds. This is important to be able to play-back in slow motion with Gopro cameras.

- improved electronic image stabilization. Well, GoPro cameras are expected to be in quite a lot of vibration and unwanted fast movements, and would truly benefit image stabilization.

Well, GoPro heard (at least some of) our prayers, and will be releasing in February a firmware update to unlock video shooting [email protected] it effectively means you  will be able to record ultra high frame rate video 240 frames per second), and obtain liquid smooth slow-motion playback.

we were weary of recommending the GoPro Hero4, mainly because of its price ($499), and not a real advantage over the GoPro Hero3+ (see our comparison charts here ), this feature really tilt the balance for us, and gives a whole new dimension to action and sport filming that really justify the added expense, and we find ourselves wholeheartedly recommending the GoPro Hero4 Black edition from now on.

At the GoPro release in October, we suspected that blocking it is just marketing to allow for a further release, but this firmware update can be uploaded also to already purchased cameras, so if you are the proud owner of a GoPro Hero4 Black edition, rest assured that you can now use it for slow motion recording.

Some other add-ons within this firmware update include 2.7K @ 60fps, quite useful for recording broad flight scenes, auto-rotate the image when turning the camera, and streamlined time-lapse video.

Sadly, electronic image stabilization leaves still a lot to be desired, but we are hopeful that this will be added in a future firmware update. In the mean time, we can’t wait to see some great slow-mo films!

To give you a taste of what you can achieve with Slo-mo, check this out:

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