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The two well known peaks of the Grossklockner mountain (the highest in Austria), form a perfect gap for a very specific type of stunt: slackline!

Despite (maybe because of?) a cold-weather, high-wind, high-risk, cold-temp, athlete Mich Kemeter stroll across the highline, barefeet of course:

The 45m line sits at an impressive 3,770m of altitude. With very little sunlight and unseasonably cold temperature, Kemeter had to clean the ice off the slackline before walking across.

Remark the camera equipment used, and especially the mount :

Mounting the camera on a head mount is not only uncomfortable, but the extend of head movements will make the shot highly unstable. on the other hand, the waist in this case is perfectly positioned for both a stable shot, showing the way, and capturing the dept of emptiness below Mich. An exhilarating experience is communicated to the viewer in all its grandeur.

Gopro Belt mount

So a waist or belt mount is perfect this type of application. This is however quite hard to find. Luckily the guys at Peakdesign made exactly what we need:

stable and simple lock your camera to your waist or belt – the POV capture camera kit.

This IDEA Silver award winner for camera gear can mount a GoPro camera to any strap-like object you can think of: That includes backpack straps, belts, bags, ski boots, climbing harnesses, kayak decks, life vests, SCUBA equipment and more.

This is really a versatile mount, and is actually garanteed for life.

The kit includes everything you need, from the adaptor plate, the Gopro securing clip, the stabilizer pad, and the hex wrench.

Mount GoPro on any backpack strap or belt, with the POV camera mount.

Granted, is not  cheap. But it does work wonderfully – the features are impressive:

  • Low-profile & discreet - the camera is kept close to the body, and not obstructing.
  • Ultra-smooth video - Includes a stabilizing pad and a locking clamp to ensure smooth POV video.
  • Quick-release lock – Access your camera’s controls and quickly re-secure it in seconds.
  • Button safety lock - Twist the quick-release button to prevent accidental release.
  • Ultralight, ultra-durable – Weatherproof powdercoated aluminum construction with glass-filled nylon backplate & mounting arms.

easy locking mechanism for the Gopro camera, ensure both stability and ease of use.

The quick-release lock is especially interesting for those of us with the new GoPro Hero4 Silver , as with almost any other mount the access to the LCD screen is hindered.

So, next time you go slacklining, you know which mount to use. In the mean time, we can only wonder what’s up the sleeve of Mich Kemeter , and which stunt he will amaze us with next…

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