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Hint: Gopro coupon codes for their cameras or accessories are very, very difficult to find . As a rule the chance of getting one of these are similar to winning the lottery.  But you can find ways to get your Gopro camera significantly cheaper, and sometime even free! Read on to find the jewels and your Gopro camera significantly cheaper.

Where can I get a Coupon for a GoPro?

With a large and growing fan base, a high quality and versatile camera, GoPro is now the leader in action and sports cameras.  A premium brand with premium products means their cameras don’t come cheap. For example the HERO4+ Black Edition , GoPro’s most recent release, comes with a price tag of $499.00 USD.

So of course, once you have read all the reviews and are set to buy a Gopro camera, the first question that comes to mind is:
“Where can I find GoPro coupon codes?”

For GoPros, coupon codes are not easy to find. GoPro coupon codes are generally given individually during fairs and competitions, and are never distributed to the public. For that single reason, all the sites promising Gopro coupons or promotions can simply not deliver.

Do these coupons even exist?

Fake gopro coupon codes, that leads to dubious websites

Yes they do. But they are individual. That means: the first one to redeem it wins, all other waste their time trying.

So the lingering coupon on the net is typically just a click-bait, with actually negative value for you (all the time spent, and the risk of falling victim of a scam…)

Why you are seeing 347,000 search results for “GoPro Coupon Codes”…

Fake gopro coupon links to click on

There are lot of fairy tales on the web. the sad truth is that any site promising a coupon is not going to deliver one. What is it going to deliver? an ad to click on, a link to another site, or a doubtful unknown e-commerce, which  will most probably be just a scam.
Gopro has become very popular, and rightly so. But this brings a lot of scams along…

You want the latest Gopro Promo codes?here are the options:

  • Up and again appear a coupon to be redeem almost immediately. You can subscribe to to be on the lookout.
  • Follow us on Facebook and G+ (sidebar) , and get all the updates in real time. As soon as we find a promo we check it and publish it for you. You have a better chance competing with a few hundred followers than with the whole of the internet…

If you do get a coupon, you better use it immediately . I mean right now. they get redeemed within minutes

Coupon codes versus promo codes – what’s the difference?

There is virtually no difference between them, whomever you search for will reward you with a bunch of sites promising the moon and delivering a click on an ad. Sadly as you click through deeper and deeper links, there is nothing to be found… beware of subscribing and giving your details to these sites, there is nothing there but spam.

So how to get your Gopro Cheaper?

Not all of us have the patience to wait for the elusive Gopro coupon code, that probably will never arrive. But with just a little luck you can find your Gopro Hero camera much cheaper than market retail:

the bounty of a Gopro daily giveway

Register at the Gopro Daily giveway

Unbelievable but true: Every day, Gopro give away their whole set of products. The Hero4 camera, all the accessories, everything!

And they do that every single day . 365 Days per year.

All you have to do, is register to GoPro’s official Daily Giveaway on their website. No risk, virtually no effort.
Everyday there is a winner among those who registered, so be on the lookout and register every day. You might need some patience, but the bounty is definitely worth it!

Gopro promotions on Amazon are stealth and fleeting fast

Buy your Gopro online and get free shipping

we always recommend to buy online. the reasons are plenty:

  • read the reviews without a salesman
  • Free shipping!
  • hassle free return – you won’t need to explain yourself to any clerk why you return it.
  • money back guarantee

We have always been a fan of Amazon, simply because it provides all of the above in a single box!

Hint: avoid online retailers that do not offer free shipping. It is part of the price, and they all should be upfront about it.

Look for price changes on Amazon

Up and again Amazon is coming up with some surprising deals. Specially when they clean warehouses, restock inventory, or during market adjustments.
Those deals tend to stay stealth and disappear fast, so be sure to check often.

Refurbished cameras are often brand new, and are  really good savings

Refurbished Gopro cameras

Looking for a great deal? you can definitely save a lot of cash by looking at used or refurbished offerings. A refurbished item is generally a brand new camera that has been bought and returned with very minimal use. Sometimes it is returned without having been even unsealed . Those items must be resold as refurbished, so some very good deals can be found. A fast browsing shows us a $50 reduction on a Gopro Hero3+ Silver camera. yes, this is 20% Discount!

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, make use of a well known online retailer. On Amazon for example you can rely on the description, and return no-questions-asked if it doesn’t please you. And you get full refund without hassles. Truly a winning buy.

Here you can shop for refurbished Gopro Cameras on Amazon. Look for the “refurbished” link.


Coupon codes are more a lottery than an efficient way to save on your new GoPro. If you find one, congratulations, but use it fast. For the rest of us, there are ways to save and buy the coveted gopro camera on the cheap, with a bit of concessions. I for one, believe that the price is fair for the product, and favor the peace of mind of buying a completely new camera at a major online retailer. Refurbished cameras and temporary Amazon deals are a good way to go.

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