Make 3D films with the Gopro 3D system

One of GoPro’s more fun accessories to use is the 3D HERO system . The 3D HERO System combines two GoPro cameras into one housing  to record synchronized 2D and 3D videos and photos.

What is the fuss about?

The Gopro 3D System is actually quite simple, but it yield spectacular results. The sturdy housing allows you to place two cameras side by side. Note that one camera is rotated upside down versus the other one. Included with the housing is a special syncing cable connecting the two cameras to ensure both of them have start recording at the same time. If both are on, they will record at the push of a single button, much in the way a master-slave configuration works.

The housing is waterproof, rated up to 180 feet (60m) deep.
Refreshingly, the system comes with a host of accessories:  3 Pairs of 3D Anaglyph Glasses, a helmet front mount, sync cable, and various mounting hardware. So you shouldn’t need further accessories to operate the setup.

Sync cable has a USB port to power and transfer photos for both cameras, and the Skeleton backdoor allows connection to camera without removing the cameras. All controls are from the main (right) camera and set power on/off, settings, shutter of the left camera. It also syncs the settings in order to avoid mismatches between the camera. The flat lens allows for clear underwater photos. WiFi control via app also works to control the cameras, although you can only see the photo/video from the right camera in the app.

Each devide produces MPEG4, that are then post-processed in  CineForm Studio (The GoPro Studio software). This very intuitive software is actually available for free at .

Spectacular shots

The results speak for themselves (hahem, you might need the to actually get the most of the movies, sorry for that) :

Now, next time you make sky acrobatics, don’t forget your 3D system


- The Gopro 3D system is slightly different for versus the HERO 3+ , be sure to choose the right 3D system for your cameras (Note that it only works with the Hero3+ Black, not the silver or white) .

- the widest setting is a little too wide for most 3D shots, but is really good if your subject is about 3′ away.

- make sure you are using the same firmware for both cameras.

Gopro 3D System – Action!

For action enthusiasts this 3D gopro system is truly a unique shooting solution.

- You can achieve great quality results for a much lower price point than any other type of 3D cameras,

- the straightforward and  conversion software of GoPro does not require much technical expertise and is very easy to use. By the way, did I already mentioned the software is free?

- You won’t need any special screen or 3D TVs to watch the 3D videos or photos you make. Any regular TV or computer screen will do the tric, as long as you have the 3D Anaglyph Glasses included in the pack!

Hey, made a nice 3D video? share it with us, or put a link in the comments!

Includes two pairs of 3D anaglyph glasses for viewing your 3D content – See more at:
Includes two pairs of 3D anaglyph glasses for viewing your 3D content – See more at:
Includes two pairs of 3D anaglyph glasses for viewing your 3D content – See more at: