7 essential Gopro Travel Accessories

A lot of adventure explorers, amateur sporters and travelers swear by the powerful but small GoPro Point-Of-View cameras. One of their key advantage is the broad selection of accessories to use with the cameras. However when traveling, a key wish is … [Continue reading]

Gopro Hero 4 – first review

So it is official! The Gopro Hero 4 has been announced today! A bit ahead of schedule, but we couldn't wait anymore, so they had to oblige.   The little marvel will be for sale starting October 5, and we at Goprowoa are looking very much … [Continue reading]

Revealing the Gopro Hero 4

Update: The Gopro Hero 4 versions have been released! Check our first review here. For those inclined with the Gopro Hero 3+ black edition, it is now available at a great discount.   The release of the next Gopro Camera is fast … [Continue reading]

Gopro and Phantom

Once you have a  Gopro hero camera in hand, one of the first things you will want to do, is to get it airborne remotely for some cool shooting. However, until now most flying machines are either difficult to fly or completely out of budget, or both … [Continue reading]