Portable action Cameras – a bright future?

The portable action camera market has been forecast to reach a grand total of 9 million units shifted by 2018. Consulting company Futuresource also states that the US and the UK will collectively hold about 46% of the overall market. What we can … [Continue reading]

Slackline across the Grossglockner

The two well known peaks of the Grossklockner mountain (the highest in Austria), form a perfect gap for a very specific type of stunt: slackline! Despite (maybe because of?) a cold-weather, high-wind, high-risk, cold-temp, athlete Mich Kemeter … [Continue reading]

Black Friday Gopro coupon code

The holiday season is just upon us, and this Friday is the opening bell. As usual, we recommend you spend quality time at home, and shop online. Nothing beats the comfort of your sofa, the peace of mind, free shipping and hassle free return. We … [Continue reading]

GoHat – Your new Gopro head mount

The Gopro, designed to operate in demanding environments, is a prime candidate for point-of-view shooting (POV). This recording mode places the camera from the user viewpoint. The audience sees events through the leading actor's eyes, as if they were … [Continue reading]

The Secret Gopro Coupon code

Hint: Gopro coupon codes for their cameras or accessories are very, very difficult to find. As a rule the chance of getting one of these are similar to winning the lottery.  But you can find ways to get your Gopro camera significantly cheaper, and … [Continue reading]