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Nothing beats a GoPro hero camera for immersive action footage. Redbull has made copious use of this, and we enjoyed some quite amazing shots , in some of the most esoteric situations , as a result.

However, the technology has not made its way into bigger sport events, even as drones (yea, Phantom , we are talking about you) and a broad palette of mounts make for a native combination. That is, until now.

GoPro NFL deal – a new era in immersive sports events coverage

Indeed, GoPro has just been able to secure a deal with NFL, allowing to gauge and experience from the players point of view as they play!

While there are several challenges to overcome before GoPro can be fully used in a POV mode,  this is a big milestone for the action camera maker, and an affirmation of its technology versus the competition. We expect this big sport deal is just the first in an exciting time for sport shows, as televisions sets and viewers expectations are evolving towards a more immersive cinematographic experience.

At first the cameras will be used around the rinks and will be incorporated in post-production broadcast. For saftey reasons it is still not possible to add the cameras as is to the helmets.

The cameras will have to be incorporated into the helmets, as well as increasing battery power to enable in-game wireless live broadcast. Still a way to go for GoPro, but this GoPro NFL deal announces a new era in national and international sports events. The day is not far where we will be able to live with the players the beauty and intensity of a hockey or football game!

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