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Before the advent of the Gopro Hero4, the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition was producing some of the best — if not the best — video we’ve seen from an action cam. Its abundant resolution and frame rate options will satisfy beginners and experienced shooters.

The Black Edition has a host shooting options including a Protune mode for high-bit-rate video with neutral color and 24 frames per second recording for professional video production, the highest resolution capabilities up to 4K at 15fps, and includes a Wi-Fi remote. Yes, this is the only Gopro camera on the market which includes in the packet the so essential Gopro remote .

Hero4 Black or Hero3+ Black

As we discussed in our first review of the Gopro Hero 4 black, the added video capabilities at 4K are not for everyday use, and on the other hand the camera seriously lack stabilisation, and slow-motion option (i.e. 24fps at 720p).
On the other hand, at $499 the new Hero4 black is prohibitively expensive, while most features could be found on the Gopro Hero3+ black. With a remote! (the Hero4 series do not include a remote, it has to be ).

For a brief period after the release of the Hero4, the Gopro Hero3+ Black was to be found at a $50 discount, making it the clear must-buy choice at only$349.

It seems however to have disappeared suddenly from the market. It is not anymore featured on the Gopro website, and resellers seem to be out of stock. This is a bad omen, but stay put, we will update as things evolve.

Lacking any other option, we might have to fall back on the Hero3+ Silver edition…

Hero4 Silver or Hero3+ Silver

the Hero4 silver cannot be compared to the Hero3+, as it is directed to a different audience. The LCD touchscreen, while admittedly very useful is some circumstances, is not the main reason I would buy a Gopro camera. Battery life, shooting modes and image stability on the other hand, are key criteria.

The combines excellent HD video with recording options up to 1080p at 60fps and the same design as the company’s other cameras so you have access to a large selection of accessories and mounts. However, The $100 savings from the Black Edition costs you many shooting options and some video quality, particularly in low light.

At $299 it is still a bargain for a feature-packed action camera, but we just feel we could get so much more for barely $50 more, this is frustrating.

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Call for Uprising!

So this is my call: We want the Gopro Hero3+ black edition back. Join me in this petition to Gopro!
Either that, or I wouldn’t mind of course the price of the Gopro Hero4 Black to go down . Let’s hope for a miracle before X-mas…

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