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There is a host of reasons why Gopro is such an amazing camera. the $60 Gopro Wifi remote is one of them. Let’s see here why it is such an essential accessory to your Gopro arsenal.

Recognize these selfie images, where your gopro camera is on a pole, but to take the picture you need to stick your hand out, ending up taking up 50% of the photo space?

imagine a selfie without fumbling with your gopro buttons…are you getting a gopro wifi remote already?

But, what if you had just a small wireless remote that could trigger the camera? wouldn’t it be great?

just point your pole, and click your remote…what a view!

The Gopro wifi remote was designed exactly for that. It controls your HERO3 or HERO3+ Edition camera remotely featuring wifi capability, so you can wirelessly access your camera’s settings, power it on or off and start or stop recording from up to 600′ for flexible use. We are now opening a world of new shooting options:

- With such an adequate remote distance, you can now setup your camera in remote areas to catch as much view as possible, i.e. in hunting or nature shooting

- you can place your device outside of your car for example, and shoot some amazing panoramas

- you can observe the strain on your tires in a tight curve, attaching your gopro to the outside of the car using i.e. suction cups.

Gopro camera on truck, triggered from the cabine via the gopro wifi remote.

The Wi-Fi remote isn’t much larger than a wristwatch and mirrors the shutter and select buttons of the GoPro camera. The lcd screen shows you if it is recording and shows the status of the recording. No more fumbling and hoping the cam is still on .

This little black plastic module measures about 2.5 inches wide by 1.4 inches tall by 0.75 inch deep and connects wirelessly to the Gopro camera  assume its control

The face of the unit features two rubber buttons that mirror the functions of the GoPro camera’s Shutter and Mode/Power buttons. So once connected to the camera, you can power the camera on and off, choose between its various shooting modes, head into the camera’s menu to adjust the various settings of those modes, and start and stop recording video or capturing still photos.

Next to those rubber buttons is a monochrome LCD that is identical to the one on the front of the GoPro camera and mirrors the data displayed there. (shooting mode, monitor the battery level of the camera,  amount of available storage space…).

The Wi-Fi remote’s sealed construction makes it waterproof down to 10 feet of submersion. A pair of slots on the back of the device accommodate an included wrist strap, making the device wearable. Users can also dangle the remote from a key-ring-like attachment ring located at one end of the device.

some hints and tips though:

- The device itself works extremely well, but the battery life is horrible. It will outlast a single GoPro camera battery, but not two. So you have to remember to recharge your remote together with the gopro camera itself.

- With the remote you can now turn the camera on and off very easily, even when the camera is cumbersomely mounted (i.e. on your head, or up-side-down at the front of your bike). Your camera battery will now last a lot longer !

- with the , you integrate the remote to the bottom of the pole, enabling single hand operation and maneuvring of your camera.

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