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If there is a single accessory which every Gopro user should have it is really the bacpac floaty backdoor .

Until now, if your Gopro somehow became detached from your surfboard, kayak, water skis, etc., you could expect it to sink. But with this $ 10 add-on your camera will float — a simple but much needed upgrade!

This easy-to-spot flotation attaches directly to the housing backdoor to keep your GoPro afloat. Great for snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding or other deep-water activity, it includes two Adhesive Anchors and Camera Tethers for added security in extreme conditions.

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The backdoor accessory is a sponge that sticks onto the back of the GoPro case with a strong 3M adhesive. It is blaze orange and made easy to spot in the water . The float works, and being bright, high visible orange makes it pretty easy to spot.


There are several 3rd party floats for the GoPro cameras, this one has three specific advantages:

  1. It comes with a spare waterproof backdoor . That means that once you install the floaty back, you aren’t stuck with a float always being on your original waterproof backdoor from there on out. This is important since it allows usage of the waterproof backdoor in other settings without the bulky look of the float sticking out when mounting the camera on e.g. a helmet.
  2. It’s a high-visibility orange. the orange is a cool color, and visible in a much greater variety of situations than other, paler colors.
  3. finally, the Gopro-signed quality of the equipment, ensures both a better fit to the expeted usage, but also greater customer service in case should anything happen.

If you’re going to be heading out into a body of water with your GoPro, do yourself a favor and spend the $ 10 to protect your $ 200 to $ 400 investment. You’ll regret needing the insurance of a float and not having it a lot more than having the insurance and not needing it.

One word of caution, GoPro says the Floaty “will not support the weight of the ,” and that the suction cups — one of many available mounts from the company, and one surfers sometimes use — is not recommended for high-impact water sports. There are some designed to help the floaty bring your gopro back to the surface.

And for the surfers among us, there is a just for us!

floaty on surfboard

Here is a nice video test done to verify which accessories fit best to the floaty:

last tip: the floaty also reduced the angle you can swing your Gopro. and if you drop the Gopro with the floaty into the water from maybe 3-4 feet up it will take a minute for it to get to the surface.

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    • Michael says

      The floaty backdoor was designed for the previous generation gopro, without LCD screens.
      You can use a , but it is really not a sexy solution.
      Another option, that I personally use, is to use the floaty as a simple dongle connected to the camera. Works perfect.
      See this video for explanation.

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