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Next on our “Gopro Essentials” series, let’s look at a suction cup mount.
And not any simple mount, but the very special CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount .

Made by cinetics (the company that brought us the cineskates and some pretty amazing videos), the $99 CineSquid is a super strong and versatile suction cup camera mount system. It allows to capture previously unthinkable shots by attaching the gopro camera to any smooth surfaces, from any angle. Truly a suction cup tripod system fit for Spider-man! gopro with cinetics suction cups and gorillapod on mitsubishi evo

gopro with cinetics suction cups and gorillapod on mitsubishi evo

By design the Cinesquid suction cup attaches to the $99 flexible GorillaPod Focus tripod with Ballhead X which provides a reliable and flexible support. This tabletop tripod (only 11.4 29mm tall) features incredibly flexible legs made up of more than two dozen leg joints, and can wrap around a wide variety of supports to position your Gopro camera.

A unique feature of this tripod is its universal x-shaped mounting plate which connects to your Gopro Hero and easily slides on and off the ballhead.

It is equipped with durable adjustment knobs which allow you to rotate your camera smoothly with full 360° panning and up to 90° tilts. Additionally, its durable aluminum construction has an all-black finish which minimizes reflectivity and gives it a professional look. GorillaPod-Focus-with-Ballhead-X-and-Cinetics-CineSquid-Bundle-0 The system uses suction cup technology to create a portable tripod system which can attach just about anywhere including uneven car surfaces, motorcycles and any other multi-level surface. The Cinesquid suction cups are designed to hold strong and not lose their grip.

cinesquid cup Granted, at almost $200 the overall setup is no cheap (is found a bit cheaper as a combo ). But with its great build quality, and unbelievable sucking ability, it brings a major element when shooting in harsh/vibrating/fast moving environments: Peace of mind that your Gopro camera will be there at the end of the Journey .

Some words of warning: you have to figure out exactly how to place the legs through trial and error. Even though it won’t fall off the hood or window, if the legs are misaligned, the camera will drop down and you’ll lose your shot. Set up the legs right and it’ll work forever. These cinesquids will suck till rapture if needed!

The setup becomes then truly ideal For:

  • High-speed chase or automobile cruising scenes
  • Aerial views from the belly of an airplane up to 200mph
  • Scenic or landscape shots from a boat, train or any moving vehicle
  • Time-lapse video with a rock-solid connection to any smooth surface

Let’s have a first gopro test on the Mitsubishi Evo X shown above, featuring the use of a Gopro Hero on a GorillaPod with CineSquid, and 360 rotation Radian:

To give you a sense of the stability of this beast, let’s check it out in wind, rain and snow, on this last season’s ride of a Vespa Gts300:

And if there is any need to convince you more, even Batman uses it to record his heroic adventures in the City:

the Cinesquid suction cup on Batman's car!

Gopro with Cinesquid suction cup on Batman’s car!

So, have you got yours yet?

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