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The Gopro, designed to operate in demanding environments, is a prime candidate for point-of-view shooting (POV). This recording mode places the camera from the user viewpoint. The audience sees events through the leading actor’s eyes, as if they were experiencing the events themselves. The was born as a mean to easily shoot in POV mode. It’s biggest shortcoming however, it is sadly failing as soon as the head movements are a bit fast.

Anyone using the head strap mount in any sporty activity knows how easy it is to lose your GoPro. Watching helplessly as your beloved camera is tossed on the ground or fast sinking is definitely not a fun experience.

The GoHat – your new Gopro head-strap

A solution to the original GoPro head mount falling off so easily takes a very simple and very cool form: a surf hat with side straps to attach to your chin, similarly to a helmet.

The GoHat fits all Gopro Cameras and is one-size-fits-all

Designed for surfers who want to film their surfing without clumsy pole mounts or mouth mounts, the GoHat keeps the camera on your head no matter how hard you are going to rock. Not only that, this is a cool hat!
At this stage the GoHat is already in kickstarter , and we really want to see it made – So show your support and BUY IT!

Comparing the GoHat with the normal head mount

comparing the GoHat with the standard Gopro head strap

The original GoPro head mount cannot keep the camera on your head and lost cameras are common. Even when stressing the strap on your head up to a bad headache, the head mount falls off very easily in any action sports situation.

On the other hand, the GoHat features an adjustable chin strap keeps the camera from being pulled off your head, and is fastened with a quick release buckle. the straps securely hold the cap (and your Gopro camera) on your head.

The GoHat is designed to be worn backwards. The hat itself is constructed from stretch fit material and is one size fits all. An adjustable head band runs along the inside rim of the hat and attaches to the GoPro mounting bracket, which allows the wearer to adjust the fit and keeps the GoPro tight and secure on your forehead.

Did I say they run a kickstarter campaign?
What do you wait to buy one?

Meet Scott – GoHat inventor

Scott wearing the GoHat

Circumstances led me to get to know the guy behind the idea – Scott Campbell . I am as excited about this head strap as he is, so he graciously agreed to give us some insight into his new design.

GWoA: how did you come up with this mount?

Scott: I came up with the idea for the GoHat after unsuccessfully trying to use the GoPro head mount to film my surfing. I really wanted to capture footage of surfing from the perspective of a surfer riding a wave. It is one of the most amazing things in the world to see the water naturally lift itself up and fold over into a wave. I wanted to share that experience with my friends and family, so I got a GoPro and the original head straps hoping to get some great footage. I went out on a small day to test it out, and was very disappointed to find that the head straps could not keep the camera on my head at all. Almost every time I dove under a wave or fell off my board, the camera would fall off and start sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I knew there had to be a better way to do it, so I began creating my own head mount that could stay attached to my head in strong water currents.

GWoA: In my experience the Gopro head strap is also utterly uncool. It looks ugly, stressing my head too much, and the floaty backdoor could not help the contraption to float. I am glad you came up with this!
How many iterations before you got the perfect design?

the GoHat is a great solution for POV shooting

Scott: The first prototype was a surf hat with a velcro adjustment in the back, and chin straps to keep the hat on in the water. I inserted the GoPro mounting bracket through the hole in the back and wore the hat over the GoPro head straps. It worked OK, but it was awkward to put on and uncomfortable with all of the plastic pieces from the straps rubbing against my head. Then I realized that I didn’t need the head straps at all, and could just integrate the mounting bracket into a different hat with chin straps. Most of the design work for the second prototype was done on paper. I sketched up a bunch of ideas for integrating the mounting bracket into the back of a baseball hat. Then I figured out a way to attach chin straps, and another strap to secure the mounting bracket. I ordered three different styles of hats and tried several sizes of nylon straps and buckles before I found a design that worked well. I took this rough iteration and my design sketches to a custom tailor  and had them sew the pieces together into a final prototype. I’m sure after getting more feedback from users that I will want to improve the design or add features, but I am very satisfied with the current design. It is really comfortable and secure.

GWoA: It looks that you got it also quite cost effective. You hit the nail on the head with the need for a comfortable apparel, and still a sturdy design to keep the Gopro steady.
What is your preferred sport?

Scott: My favorite sport is definitely surfing. I have been surfing for the past 16 years, and surfed all over Hawaii, and even Oregon and Cape Cod on the East Coast. I also really enjoy skimboarding, spearfishing, and kayaking. Basically anything having to do with water.

GWoA: I remark that you created the GoHat with the Gopro Hero4 . Which Gopro is the best one for you?

the straps securely hold the cap (and your Gopro camera) on your head.

Scott: Surfing is a fast paced sport, so I always shoot at the highest frame rate and resolution available. Frequently, you will want to slow a shot down or zoom in when editing. A high frame rate will let you slow down a shot without making it look jumpy, and the higher resolution will let you zoom in without causing pixelation. My favorite GoPro has to be the HERO4 Black Edition. I love being able to shoot 1080p at 120fps. The new 4K mode is great too, and I use it when shooting landscapes or I feel I might want to crop a shot. Also, the new exposure and ISO functions allow more flexibility for filming outdoors, which is great because filming in the water can be tricky at times.

GWoA: Actually I was really eager to get 1080p at 240fps, as well as improved image stabilisation. This was quite a disapointment, but I still hope we will get them in a firmware update down the road.
What do you do for a living?

Scott: I have a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Hawaii, and work full time as a lab technician. I test blood samples from organ and tissue donors for infectious disease so that they can be safely transplanted into patients that need them.

GWoA: What uses besides surfing do you envision for the GoHat?

Scott: I think the GoHat would be great for any sport where there is a risk of losing the camera, and where the user wants a hands-free, POV GoPro mount. For example, bodyboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, sky diving, fishing, etc…

We agree wholeheartedly! this GoHat revolutionarize POV shooting for Gopro, especially in situations where a helmet would be inadequate. Forget the standard Gopro headmount, the GoHat fulfills this role perfectly!

I for one will be buying a GoHat. Will you? you should too!

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