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A lot of adventure explorers, amateur sporters and travelers swear by the powerful but small GoPro Point-Of-View cameras. One of their key advantage is the broad selection of accessories to use with the cameras. However when traveling, a key wish is to travel light!

So how can you make the most use of your Gopro Hero camera, without bloating your backpack? Especially that the accessories have to provide or a wide variety of situations and shots.

Here is our list of the 7 essential GoPro travel accessories for travel:  with this you should be able to position your camera adequately in any condition, and not find yourself stranded without the adequate solution.

1. the floaty backdoor

gopro-float There is nothing worse than helplessly watching your camera sinking to the bottom of the lake. There are several options for not losing your camera when shooting in water, like the Bobber (a floating handle) and others. However, nothing beats GoPro’s orange sticky float back:  which we use all the time at when we are mounting cameras on surfboards. We reviewed this essential accessory already, giving it full 5 stars. Taking literally no space at all, the bold and bright orange float is glued to the backdoor of your waterproof housing.


gopro selfie with pole and remote There are lots of extention poles available for the Gopro camera. However, the Dolica 67″ beat them all in quality to price ratio. Costing far less than its competitors, it is also one of the longest pole available on the market. at 21 inches folded (50cm), it is easy enough to park on the side of your backpack. Yet it extend up to 67 inches! (170cm!). Can be used for underwater footage of  dolphins and sharks, as well as the beautiful scenery of your ski adventure, thanks to the wide shooting field of view of the GoPro camera. Having that extra few feet of extension really helps. Tip to make the footage steadier in post-edit: shoot at a higher frame rate (60, up to 240 frames per seconds), and slow it down in post production.

3. Suction Cup mount

gopro suction cup This mount is my favorite scenic and high speed shots for motorcycle and car driving. to avoid camera shakes and wind resistance, minimize your camera to just the housing and suction cup. No extensions! Tip: Make sure you have a clean surface (look for a smooth surface, like the windshield or gas tank of your motorcycle), and do attach a tether, lest you wanna risk watching your camera thrown behind you as you fly at 65mph…If you rather fully secure your camera against hellish conditions, use the cinesquid .

camalapse Panoramic Pan Timer With a new design and built in mount on top and bottom so you can screw it onto a tripod as well as use it for a heavier DSLR camera, this  panoramic pan timer is not just an egg timer for your gopro, but a full featured heavy-duty time-lapse machinery. Designed to work with Gopro cameras, you can get Get cool B-roll footage and capture up to 360 degrees of footage over an hour. Weighing about 4 ounces this camalaptes is really featherweight for your backpack, so no worries there.

battery bacpac We are a little conflicted about this one: Battery is always the first to give out when shooting in the field. This is tremendously frustrating and not easy to overcome. We recommend always carrying a couple of . But to do a long timelapse or endurance shoots, exchanging batteries in the middle is out of the question.  The battery BacPac from GoPro is exactly for these situation, doubling your battery life. Words of caution though: forget about using your squeleton frame, this is not compatible.

Jaws Flex Clamp This is really my favorite mount. You can clip it on to everything from boat railings to extension poles (the swimming pool cleaner types) to your bike or tree branch. The flexible extension is stiff enough to hold the camera steady in a strong wind but flexible enough to reposition easily. This high quality accessory doesn’t rust easily and stays rugged even in abusive conditions. A must have really in your trip.

7. new contender – the 3-way

3-way THis one is not one of my favorite but worth checking out: the new . Featuring a 3-in-1 camera mount that act as a camera grip, an extension pole, or a tripod.  This accessory is quite versatile, and if it fits your need, it would replace the jaw and the pole, and add a tripod in the mix. However it is also quite expensive and could be cumbersome to use, so not for everyone . So check it, and tell me what you think.

So now go get ready for your next trip, and pick up your essential gopro travel accessories to not miss a shot!

Blowing kisses - Goodbye to your trip! (photo Alex Berger)

Blowing kisses – Enjoy your trip and don’t forget your essential Gopro travel accessories!  (photo Alex Berger)

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  1. George says

    How about the simple anti fog inserts? I can’t use the camera without them, otherwise it fogs within a one or two minutes shooting. Got these for my HERO4 silver:

    • Michael says

      George, it is very good that you mention that. Takes no place and can really be a shoot-saver!

      We will do a post dedicated to water sports and the necessary accessories and filters, I’ll be sure to mention the fog inserts :)

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