GoPro Speedriding in the French Alps – up for a spin?

Gopro Speedriding with ski in the mountains - an exhilarating experience

This week we celebrate skying with some breathtaking views of the french Alps (Val d'Isere): Anybody can have a go at it, for a quite sensible fee. there are several ski clubs dedicated to ski speedriding. Tips: Bring your GoPro helmet mount or strap with you to speedriding, so you can lock your camera correctly. keep your camera in its waterproof housing, but do add an anti-fog … [Read more...]

GoPro to cover NFL sport events – a new cinematographic experience!

GoPro NFL deal, will help to cover sports events in a new immersive POV experience.

Nothing beats a GoPro hero camera for immersive action footage. Redbull has made copious use of this, and we enjoyed some quite amazing shots, in some of the most esoteric situations, as a result. However, the technology has not made its way into bigger sport events, even as drones (yea, Phantom, we are talking about you) and a broad palette of mounts make for a native combination. That is, … [Read more...]

Slackline across the Grossglockner

slacklines between grossglockner peaks

The two well known peaks of the Grossklockner mountain (the highest in Austria), form a perfect gap for a very specific type of stunt: slackline! Despite (maybe because of?) a cold-weather, high-wind, high-risk, cold-temp, athlete Mich Kemeter stroll across the highline, barefeet of course:   The 45m line sits at an impressive 3,770m of altitude. With very little sunlight and … [Read more...]

Amazing save video!

amazing save with Gopro

Watching helpessly while your car get destroyed by forces of nature... Until superman comes along! An amazing save brought to you by your local bystander Gopro camera holder. This video should remind you never find yourself without a ready-to-shoot Gopro camera, who knows when you will meet Superman. Tip: use a camera hand mount to avoid any risk of the camera falling off! (hem, … [Read more...]

Gopro and Red Bull – a crazy flight above the alps

gopro-redbull austrian alps flight

The Austrian alps feature some of the most breathtaking views in the world. Especially seen from the sky. Of course, Austria is also home to Red Bull, the energy-packed soft drink manufacturer, especially known for its passion for heroic and action-packed sports. It's only fitting then that Gopro and Red Bull would partner to perform and record some of the most amazing … [Read more...]

gopro at the Gym – Girl boobs edition

Gopro Gym boobs

Update: The video is back!! Youtube requires sign-in to watch though, so we will leave the snapshots :). Link. We’ve seen the GoPro camera used in many things over the last few years – but this is something else! Love bringing your GoPro everywhere but hate forgetting it places? A young lady who simply goes by the name of Go-Pro-positioned-so-you-can-see-my-boob­s-while-I-workout has thought … [Read more...]

Warp to work – Gopro in your car

Gopro Hero camera locked in headrest

Some of the most amazing gopro time lapses shot are done with the gopro in movement. so where can you put it? (your gopro camera of course!) The simplest trick of all - stick your camera between the seat and headrest of your passenger seat: Now set your Gopro camera to take a frame every 2 seconds. and you get this amazing gopro time lapse - Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Put a camera in a crab net, don't forget the sound on, and check out what is going on when your camera goes gopro underwater. An amazing experience for a camera, although we recommend a crab-proof case! Here the Gopro underwater capabilities are truly revealed, as evidenced not only by a great video quality and clear exposure level, but by some very intriguing audio as …