Portable action Cameras – a bright future?


The portable action camera market has been forecast to reach a grand total of 9 million units shifted by 2018. Consulting company Futuresource also states that the US and the UK will collectively hold about 46% of the overall market. What we can learn from this immediately is that this sector is growing on a worldwide basis. What it doesn’t tell us is in what way it’s going to grow. What sort … [Read more...]

The 2015 guide to Gopro Alternative Action cameras

Garmin Wirb elite 4

GoPro has certainly become the standard for which all other action cameras are measured, but with the newly updated, 4k capable Hero4 Black reaching $500, or the Gopro Hero4 Silver (featuring an LCD touchscreen) and Hero3+ Silver models reaching price points of $350-$400, the budget conscious buyer may be looking for cheaper, but still impressive, alternatives. Here we focus on five worthy … [Read more...]

GoPro Speedriding in the French Alps – up for a spin?

Gopro Speedriding with ski in the mountains - an exhilarating experience

This week we celebrate skying with some breathtaking views of the french Alps (Val d'Isere): Anybody can have a go at it, for a quite sensible fee. there are several ski clubs dedicated to ski speedriding. Tips: Bring your GoPro helmet mount or strap with you to speedriding, so you can lock your camera correctly. keep your camera in its waterproof housing, but do add an anti-fog … [Read more...]

GoPro to cover NFL sport events – a new cinematographic experience!

GoPro NFL deal, will help to cover sports events in a new immersive POV experience.

Nothing beats a GoPro hero camera for immersive action footage. Redbull has made copious use of this, and we enjoyed some quite amazing shots, in some of the most esoteric situations, as a result. However, the technology has not made its way into bigger sport events, even as drones (yea, Phantom, we are talking about you) and a broad palette of mounts make for a native combination. That is, … [Read more...]

Slow motion with Gopro Hero4 Black ? – Now you can!

gopro slow motion

One of our bigger pet peeves with the new GoPro Hero4, is that despite being packed with the great Ambarella 4A chip (see our first review of the GoPro Hero4), the camera has not been used to its fullest.   Most importantly: - video shooting at 720p quality and 240frames per seconds. This is important to be able to play-back in slow motion with Gopro cameras. - improved electronic … [Read more...]

Slackline across the Grossglockner

slacklines between grossglockner peaks

The two well known peaks of the Grossklockner mountain (the highest in Austria), form a perfect gap for a very specific type of stunt: slackline! Despite (maybe because of?) a cold-weather, high-wind, high-risk, cold-temp, athlete Mich Kemeter stroll across the highline, barefeet of course:   The 45m line sits at an impressive 3,770m of altitude. With very little sunlight and … [Read more...]

GoHat – Your new Gopro head mount

Gohat - the best Gopro head mount

The Gopro, designed to operate in demanding environments, is a prime candidate for point-of-view shooting (POV). This recording mode places the camera from the user viewpoint. The audience sees events through the leading actor's eyes, as if they were experiencing the events themselves. The Gopro head strap was born as a mean to easily shoot in POV mode. It's biggest shortcoming however, it is … [Read more...]

Which Gopro camera Should I buy? and which Gopro is the best?

Gopro display in shops

Featuring a single record button, a very small form factor, Waterproof and robustness, GoPro has since their launch completely dominated the action sports camera market. With a very sturdy design and a host of mounts and accessories to plug the camera virtually anywhere, GoPro has revolutionized the amateur sport arena. But it also  is becoming a household name, as evident by how many of our … [Read more...]

Amazing save video!

amazing save with Gopro

Watching helpessly while your car get destroyed by forces of nature... Until superman comes along! An amazing save brought to you by your local bystander Gopro camera holder. This video should remind you never find yourself without a ready-to-shoot Gopro camera, who knows when you will meet Superman. Tip: use a camera hand mount to avoid any risk of the camera falling off! (hem, … [Read more...]

Gopro Hero3+ Black has disappeared?

gopro hero3+

  Before the advent of the Gopro Hero4, the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition was producing some of the best -- if not the best -- video we've seen from an action cam. Its abundant resolution and frame rate options will satisfy beginners and experienced shooters. The Black Edition has a host shooting options including a Protune mode for high-bit-rate video with neutral color and 24 frames per … [Read more...]