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Gopro Hero 4

Gopro Hero 4 – first review

So it is official! The Gopro Hero 4 has been announced today! A bit ahead of schedule, but we couldn’t wait anymore, so they had to oblige. The little marvel will be for sale starting October 5, and we at Goprowoa are looking very much forward to put our hands on it. Looking back at […]

gopro hero 4

Revealing the Gopro Hero 4

The release of the next Gopro Camera is fast approaching: rumors abounds that the Gopro Hero 4 will be released in the very next few days – Oct. 8th to be exact! Why is it important? the lightweight GoPro camera was embraced by millions of extreme sports fans, adventurous people and tourists, both for its […]

Make 3D films with the Gopro 3D system

One of GoPro’s more fun accessories to use is the 3D HERO system. The 3D HERO System combines two GoPro cameras into one housing  to record synchronized 2D and 3D videos and photos. What is the fuss about? The Gopro 3D System is actually quite simple, but it yield spectacular results. The sturdy housing allows […]

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