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Gopro Hero 4 – first review

So it is official! The Gopro Hero 4 has been announced today! A bit ahead of schedule, but we couldn’t wait anymore, so they had to oblige. The little marvel will be for sale starting October 5, and we at Goprowoa are looking very much forward to put our hands on it. Looking back at […]

Revealing the Gopro Hero 4

The release of the next Gopro Camera is fast approaching: rumors abounds that the Gopro Hero 4 will be released in the very next few days – Oct. 8th to be exact! Why is it important? the lightweight GoPro camera was embraced by millions of extreme sports fans, adventurous people and tourists, both for its […]

Make 3D films with the Gopro 3D system

One of GoPro’s more fun accessories to use is the 3D HERO system. The 3D HERO System combines two GoPro cameras into one housing  to record synchronized 2D and 3D videos and photos. What is the fuss about? The Gopro 3D System is actually quite simple, but it yield spectacular results. The sturdy housing allows […]

Gopro Essentials – the Gopro Wifi remote

There is a host of reasons why Gopro is such an amazing camera. the $60 Gopro Wifi remote is one of them. Let’s see here why it is such an essential accessory to your Gopro arsenal. Recognize these selfie images, where your gopro camera is on a pole, but to take the picture you need […]

Gopro and Phantom

Once you have a  Gopro hero camera in hand, one of the first things you will want to do, is to get it airborne remotely for some cool shooting. However, until now most flying machines are either difficult to fly or completely out of budget, or both (think radio-controlled airplanes or helicopters…). The DJI Phantom […]

Gopro Essentials – CineSquid Suction Cup

Next on our “Gopro Essentials” series, let’s look at a suction cup mount. And not any simple mount, but the very special CineSquid Suction Cup Camera Mount. Made by cinetics (the company that brought us the cineskates and some pretty amazing videos), the $99 CineSquid is a super strong and versatile suction cup camera mount […]

gopro at the Gym – Girl boobs edition

We’ve seen the GoPro camera used in many things over the last few years – but this is something else! Love bringing your GoPro everywhere but hate forgetting it places? A young lady who simply goes by the name of Go-Pro-positioned-so-you-can-see-my-boob­s-while-I-workout has thought of a brilliant solution: to use Gopro at the gym, strap a […]

Gopro Essentials – The floaty Backdoor

If there is a single accessory which every Gopro user should have it is really the bacpac floaty backdoor. Until now, if your Gopro somehow became detached from your surfboard, kayak, water skis, etc., you could expect it to sink. But with this $10 add-on your camera will float — a simple but much […]

Top 5 GoPro accessories

The GoPro’s simplistic design and high quality photographic results have made the GoPro Hero3+ the action camera of choice for many extreme sports enthusiasts. It boasts one-click button operation and an ultra wide-angle lens that together make it easy to capture the action. But what really sets it apart from its rivals is the huge […]